Stop the Madness: Three Men Critically Wounded in a Shooting Captured on Facebook Live [Video]

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Three men were hanging out in a car earlier this week and streaming via Facebook Live when shots rang out, critically injuring each of them. The entire ambush was captured on the social streaming platform.

via NY Daily News:

A barrage of at least 30 shots were heard during the attack, which unfolded at around 6 p.m. in the Norfolk suburb of Berkley. The recording uploaded by a T.J. Williams on Facebook continued to record for at least two hours as good Samaritans and paramedics tended to the three victims, who were all in their late 20s.

Norfolk police spokesman Officer Daniel Hudson confirmed that the final Facebook video posted at around 9 p.m. was the same shooting being investigated in the 900 block of Bainbridge Boulevard.

The video showed Williams sitting in the passenger seat recording himself singing and smoking with two other men during the evening hangout.

About five minutes into the video, a barrage of gunshots rang out, prompting Williams to drop the phone to the floor. The stream continued to record panicked voices belonging to residents and an apparent family member who heard the gunshots and rushed to call 911 and comfort the shooting victims.

“Stay relaxed. Don’t go to sleep,” an unidentified man told victims. “Keep your eyes open. Keep listening to my voice. They’re going to get you. It’s going to be OK.”

The man heard assuring the victims then referred to one of the men as “T.J.” as sirens in the distance approached the crime scene and later said, “I love you, nephew.”

The video also captured audio of paramedics treating the men and checking for gunshot wounds before taking them to a local hospital with what cops described as “significant injuries.”

Police did not immediately identify the victims and did not release a suspect description.

A vehicle at the site shooting showed several bullet holes in the window, according to video from WTKR-TV.

The video is graphic, but you can watch it all unfold below.

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