Stevie Wonder & His 25-Year-Younger Fiancée Are Reportedly Expecting Triplets


Stevie Wonder is going to be a father again!

His 25-year-old fiancée (yes, 25)* Tomeeka Robyn Bracy is pregnant — AND she’s expecting triplets.

According to sources, 64-year-old Stevie’s ready for the bevy of babies and has moved into Bracy’s home in Los Angeles where they have been raising their one-year-old.

Stevie and Tomeeka had their first child together last year,” revealed a close friend of Stevie’s.. “I know because I attended the baby shower.

They didn’t waste anytime cranking more out! Stevie already has 8 children. These triplets will make 11.

Stevie never thought he’d be a father again so late in life,” the source added, saying “it may not have been planned but now he’s excited.” 

“He’s been going to all the doctor’s visits and scans with Tomeeka,” said the insider. “He actually can’t wait until the birth. Stevie missed so much of his other children’s upbringings, he’s vowed to be there for their children and for his soon-to-be new wife.”

We definitely didn’t see this one coming. No pun.

[via HB]

*UPDATE: At the time of the initial story, multiple sources confirmed Tomeeka’s age as 25, however it’s been revealed that Tomeeka is NOT 25-years-old — she’s 25-years Stevie’s junior. The story has been updated accordingly.

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