Steve Harvey Says the 'Brown Water' Joke Was Directed at the Caller, Not the City of Flint: 'I Don't Know If I'll Be Able to Tell Jokes, I Can't Say Nothin...'

Steve Harvey is not apologizing for the rude comments he made on his radio show to a caller about the Flint Water Crisis.

If you recall, after trashing the Flint, Michigan resident on-air Steve said to ‘Enjoy your nice brown glass of water.’

via AJC:


“The uproar came. This is sort of crazy. It was out of context,” Harvey said to me today at the Rock Ranch in The Rock, GA where Harvey is holding his four-day mentorship program for 231 teen-age boys. “I was just talking to this one guy.”

He also noted that he had set aside an hour of his radio show back when the Flint lead water crisis was at its apex. He said he even pressed then candidate Hillary Clinton on the subject. “I had city officials and city members for a whole hour.”

Harvey mused, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell jokes. I can’t say nothin’ about nobody!”

Just because it was said as a joke doesn’t make it any less distasteful, Steve. Those offended are still waiting on that apology.

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