Soulja Boy’s Girlfriend Served Blueface With Lawsuit at LA Club Days Before He Was Locked Up |

Soulja Boy’s Girlfriend Served Blueface With Lawsuit at LA Club Days Before He Was Locked Up

Blueface is being sued by Jackilyn Martinez, the mother of Soulja Boy’s child, for defamation.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, Martinez hired a process server to track down Blueface

The server showed up at the Fountain LA nightclub in Koreatown. Blueface and his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis performed at the venue on January 6.

Martinez said Blueface was served at 12:17 AM on January 7 at the club. The rapper will now be required to respond to the suit — which may be difficult since he’s currently incarcerated.

A couple of days after Blueface was served with the paperwork, the rapper was taken into custody for violating probation in his criminal case over a beatdown of a nightclub bouncer. The details of what he did have yet to be released by prosecutors. He is currently scheduled for release on July 2, 2024.

As previously reported, in December, the drama between Martinez and Blueface erupted after Soulja and Blueface started attacking each other on social media.

The two argued over who would win in a Verzuz battle, where 2 artists perform their biggest hits to battle over who has the better catalog.

The beef turned nasty when Blueface dragged Martinez into the mess. Blueface claimed that he had sex with Martinez the day before her March 2022 baby shower, which Soulja attended.

In addition, he said, “Till Soulja get a DNA test that’s my child lil bro I’m the daddy now,” and “What’s old about your baby mama sucking my d—.”

In her lawsuit, Martinez admitted to sleeping with Blueface in 2018. She said the incident was years before the baby shower and they used protection.

Martinez’s lawyer fired off a cease and desist to Blueface demanding he remove all the defamatory statements.

Instead, Blueface took to Twitter to attack Martinez. He said, “Nobody ever said your name … I don’t even know who you are.”

Martinez sued Blueface demanding unspecified damages. She claimed his remarks led to her receiving death threats. Her lawyers told TMZ their client has been seeing doctors and prescribed medicine to deal with the distress over Blueface’s claims.

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