Soulja Boy Signs $400 MILLION Deal with World Poker Fund Holdings

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When Soulja Boy took to Twitter earlier this month and announced that he had just inked a $400 million deal, we were almost certain he did his math wrong.

As it turns out, WE were wrong. World Poker Fund Holdings, a publicly traded gaming company that hosts, confirmed the deal today.

In the statement released today, World Poker Fund Holdings said that they were influenced by “the recent success of Nas, Sean “Diddy” Combs and 50 Cent’s investment and ambassador brand deals with technology and consumer products like Ciroc and Vitamin Water.”

“I invest in things I understand. I enjoy music, and of course gaming,” Soulja Boy says in the statement. “With regards to World Poker Fund, I believe in its strategy, its team, the vision, and management’s ability to target its financial goals.”

As part of the deal, Soulja Boy will be using his social media presence to help promote the company’s gaming assets and an “in-flight gaming” platform.

We’re not even mad. Hustle on, young man.


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