Songs I Lov3: Ke$ha - D.U.I. |

Songs I Lov3: Ke$ha – D.U.I.

“There’s lots of snacks here…I need a meal!”

Ke$ha has had more unreleased tracks than any other artist I know. While I was putting together my ‘The Best You’ve Never Heard From Ke$ha’ compilation (It’ll be out next week!), I ended up putting this on repeat. I love Ke$ha’s songwriting, it’s always really trashy on the surface…but the song itself always has some depth. It’s also always really relatable.


“D.U.I.” could have easily been on Animal, in fact I think it would have made a cute bonus track. Ah well, at least we have it! Oh, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I expect her to have one of, if not THE best pop album of 2012.

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