SoHo Karen Arrested in Los Angeles, Charged with Attempted Robbery for Assaulting Black Teen Over a Cell Phone

Miya Ponsetto has been in the news ever since she wrongfully accused and assaulted a young Black teen when she thought he stole her phone — and now she’s going to jail.

According to reports, she was arrested in Los Angeles as part of a joint effort between the Ventura County Sheriff and the NYPD. She’s facing a charge fo attempted robbery.

She will be extradited to NYC to face her charge and is currently being held without bail.

According to law enforcement, Miya was pulled over by police three blocks from her home but she refused to stop. Once she made it to her driveway, officers tried to physically remove Miya from her car and she tried to slam her car door on an officer’s leg.

She’ll likely face additional charges of resisting arrest.

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