Social Media Reacts To LeBron James Shoving Fan At An Usher Concert [Photos + Video]

A video surfaced on social media of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James pushing away a fan who ran up to him during an Usher concert.

via: Hot97

The fan had his camera phone out, and pointed in the direction of LeBron’s face as he was attempting to leave an Usher concert. “Lebron spotted being a normal human being and stiff arming a person running at him… just cuz he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean you can run up on him,” one fan wrote on Twitter about the incident. “Check his demographics before you do that.”

A few online users thought LeBron could’ve handled the situation differently. One fan wrote, “literally assault” describing LeBron’s shove.

Another fan write in response the that comment, “what the hell are you talking about? I’ve been to a million live events and there is no such thing. I’m a Sixers season ticket holder and there is no space for me and my family when we’re walking around.”

Overall, Twitter was left divided on the subject. You can check out reactions below.

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