Slim Thug Shoots His Shot With Megan Thee Stallion Again [Photo + Video] |

Slim Thug Shoots His Shot With Megan Thee Stallion Again [Photo + Video]

Slim Thug has remained persistent, despite Megan Thee Stallion’s constant reminders that she will not be locked down by a single man.

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Slim Thug’s feelings for Megan Thee Stallion don’t easily fade away. After several attempts at flirting with Hot Girl Meg, the “Gangsta” rapper has shot his shot again with his fellow H-Town rhymer.

This time, it’s Megan’s Instagram video that caught Thug’s attention. On Tuesday, December 1, the “Savage” hitmaker posted a throwback clip from last year’s Christmas holiday to express her excitement for the upcoming holiday season.

In the video, the 25-year-old highlighted her curves in an all-white outfit with a long-sleeve crop top. She danced in what looks like the kitchen with her female pal or relative while holding a camera, but someone else also taped Megan in action.

“I can’t wait to go home for the holidays this was last Christmas in Htx,” Megan wrote in the caption. While it appears not to be meant as a thirst trap, Thug didn’t miss the chance to make his presence be known, leaving a comment below it, “My home is your home.”

Thug’s comment has drawn mixed responses from Megan’s fans, with one seemingly admiring his persistent attempts, “#Slim gonna keep shootin his shots like #Kobe!” Some others think that it’s time for the “Check On It” spitter to move on after Megan didn’t seem to show equal interest in him.

“Let it go Slim..just let it go,” one of them wrote. “She’s not interested! Be like Elsa!” another quipped, possibly referring to “Frozen (2013)” song “Let It Go”. A fourth user chimed in, “He be under every pic GO HOME ROGER!”

Some others insinuated that Thug doesn’t deserve to be with Megan. “After the way you talked about women sir leave this girl alone,” one told him. Another came with a warning, “See, idk him but guys who are this persistent be the MAIN ones who end up wasting your damn time lmao.”

There are still a few who shipped them thought. One of them said, “I want them together.”

I’m not mad at Thug shooting his shot, but let Meg enjoy her single life.

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