Shocking: White Former Marine Strangles Black Man to Death for Acting Erratic on NYC Subway [Video]

A 24-year-old former marine was captured on video putting another man, later identified as 30-year-old Jordan Neely, in a chokehold that ultimately resulted in his death.

via Mail Online:

The incident happened just before 2:30pm on the northbound F train platform at Broadway-Lafayette station in downtown Manhattan. 

The 30-year-old entered the northbound train and reportedly started yelling and throwing garbage at other commuters, prompting an argument with the former Marine, who NY Daily News reported was from Queens.

‘He started screaming in an aggressive manner,’ witness Juan Alberto Vazquez told The Post. ‘He said he had no food, he had no drink, that he was tired and doesn’t care if he goes to jail. He started screaming all these things, took off his jacket, a black jacket that he had, and threw it on the ground.’ 

The Marine then intervened by putting the other man in a headlock until he was unconscious, police said. When an EMS team boarded the train, which remained at the platform, they were unable to revive him.

Footage from the altercation showed the 24-year-old grappling with the 30-year-old on the floor of the car, while others restrained the man’s arms and legs as he tried to free himself.

People could be heard calling for the police on the Subway platform throughout the fight, and then finally the 30-year-old went still on the ground.

At that point an onlooker could be heard asking whether the man was breathing, saying ‘You don’t want to kill him now.’

One of the people holding the man’s arms down replied ‘It’s alright, he’s not squeezing him now.’

Police have chosen not to identify the 24-year-old man, who was released without charges Tuesday.

Neely was homeless and had mental health issues, according to the Post. 



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