She's Got Sense! Sheryl Lee Ralph Says She Declined Omarosa's Invitation to Join the 'Trump Train' [Video]

Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph used her God-given common sense and turned down an opportunity presented to her by friend Omarosa Manigault to work at The White House with President Donald Trump.

Sheryl stopped by Hollywood Today and explained why she turned down the offer.

“Omarosa and I meet at this church event. And I say, ‘Girlfriend, please don’t tell me your taking.. you’re doing.. what why?’  said Sheryl. “And she said, ‘Sheryl, I am going to the White House. I will have an office in the White House. I am riding this train and I’ve got a ticket for you if you would like to come along. And I was like, ‘Girlfriend; Imma have to miss that train.’”

Despite Omarosa doing whatever it is she’s doing with Donald Trump, Sheryl says that the’ve been friends for a while.

“We’ve been friends a long time,” she said. “We don’t share the same politics; we don’t share the same thoughts. But, I like her.”

Being friends with Omarosa seems like a challenge in itself — so we commend you Sheryl!

Check out the video below.

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