Sherri Shepherd's Surrogate is Being Forced to Pay Child Support for Lamar Sally's Baby [Video]

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Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally’s surrogate is speaking out — and she isn’t happy. She claims that she and the baby are being ignored by Sherri, and because of it she’s having to suffer financially.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Jessica Bartholomew blasts Sherri for allegedly walking out on her child. In fact, Jessica’s sentiments echo a lot of what Sherri’s estranged husband had to say during his interview with Inside Edition.

Do we think this is a coincidence? No…but keep reading to hear what else Jessica has to say.

Because she’s listed on the birth certificate as Lamar Jr.’s ‘noncustodial parent,’ Jessica is being pursued for child support by the State of California since Lamar Sally claims he doesn’t make enough money to support the child on his own.

The child has none of Sherri’s DNA, and according to both Jessica and Lamar Sherri backed out of the child’s life before he was born.

On her life has changed since the birth of Lamar Jr.

“It’s affected me a lot. I am now listed as a noncustodial parent in California. I have a child support case coming against me now.”

On what life is like without Sherri’s financial support:

“Because [Shepherd] doesn’t want to be a part of the baby’s life, I have to pick up all the slack with my name being on the birth certificate, a noncustodial parent, medical bills. I’m still considered the mother of a child that’s not mine.”

On why she’s angry with Sherri:

“I am angry with Sherri because she never once contacted me to tell me what was happening. It was kind of like I was left out in the cold.”

On how her relationship with Sherri has changed:

“She would call up and check on me during the pregnancy in the beginning. At the 20 week appointment, she seemed very excited. She was going to see the baby for the first time…I didn’t see any warning signs right away.”

What she’d like to ask Sherri:

“I would ask Sherri why she did what she did – if she thought it was okay to do something like that…I just don’t understand how she can act like this baby is nonexistent. It just blows my mind.”

Check out the interview below. Whose side are you on?

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