Sheree Whitfield Sued by 'Chateau Sheree' Contractors for $15,000


Sheree Whitfield has been sued by contractors for unpaid bills related to work on her infamous ‘Chateau Sheree,’ according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

An Atlanta contractor last week sued Sheree for unpaid bills of about $15,450 and asked for $23,000 after late fees and other charges. 

The lawsuit against Sheree, filed December 17, 2015, in Fulton County Superior Court, comes from Stoploss Specialists, which describes itself as an “emergency response contractor.”

The company in the lawsuit said it signed a deal with her on December 17, 2014, exactly one year earlier “to supply equipment, labor and/or materials for the improvement” of the property.

The AJC also reports that at the time of writing, contractors were actively working on the project.

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