Sharon Osbourne Denies Getting Holly Robinson Fired for Being 'Too Ghetto,' Shares Email from Holly Blaming Julie Chen

Sharon Osbourne has been under some much-deserved fire lately, but she’s hitting back in response to allegations from former ‘The Talk’ co-host Holly Robinson Peete that she played a part in her firing.

Earlier this week, Holly claimed Sharon called her and Leah Remini “too ghetto” for the show.

Sharon took to Twitter with an email, shifting the blame of Holly and Leah’s firing to former co-host Julie Chen.

In her tweet sharing the letter, Sharon reiterated that she “never had the ability/authority to get anyone fired.”

According to the shared email, Holly wrote that Sharon had effectively ghosted her since she was let go, suspecting that she did so because she was “paralyzed in fear of the wrath of Julie.”

The email never addressed Sharon’s alleged “too ghetto” comment directly, but a line in the email could be referring to Sharon’s words.

“If you are angry that I complained to CBS about Julie and the ‘racist’ comment I apologize but I owe it to my family to try to stop the venomous lies Julie is spreading,” the email reads. “I am now being told I may need to take legal action to get her to stop trashing me.”

In a subsequent tweet, Sharon again denied having Holly fired and further said that she never uttered the words “too ghetto” about her.

You can see Sharon’s denial below.


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