Shanquella Robinson Supporters Rally Together to Demand Justice From Mexican Authorities

Shanquella Robinson’s name may have faded from the headlines, but the push for justice and answers regarding her death is ongoing.

via: WCCB Charlotte

A group of friends, community activists and supporters of Shanquella Robinson marched to a local post office with dozens of pink letters in hand Saturday calling on Mexican authorities to take action.

Its been four months since Shanquella Robinson was found dead in Mexico with a severe spinal cord injury after investigators said she was attacked inside a villa while vacationing in Cabo with friends.

Mexican authorities confirmed Robinson’s death is being investigated as a homicide and an arrest warrant has been issued for one of the women on the trip.

However , some said movement on the case has been slow and that’s why letters are now headed to Mexican authorities and President Biden to push them to do more.

“Hopefully when they get these letters in Mexico and when the President receives these letters it won’t just be a letter. When they see the pink itself they’ll know its coming from us and hopefully it will motivate them to give us some assistance in getting the Cabo 6 arrested,” Civil rights activist John C. Barnett said.

Supporters are also calling for the arrest of the other people on the trip who they said should be held responsible in Robinson’s death.

“Everybody that was there and at the table needs to come forth and give an account of what happened,” Apostle Dennis K Hilliard said.

Robinson’s father said as the push for action continues, he’ll keep fighting for justice.

Going forward the only thing I can do as a father, the way I loved her, the way I raised her and tried to protect her, is that I have to stand in her place while she’s not here and make sure that she gets justice,” Bernard Robinson said.

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