Shannon Sharpe Believes Selena Gomez Used Him To Hide From The Paparazzi [Video] |

Shannon Sharpe Believes Selena Gomez Used Him To Hide From The Paparazzi [Video]

Shannon Sharpe believes he was a pawn in Selena Gomez’s game of hide and seek with the paparazzi.

via: HotNewHipHop

Sharpe has spoken out about the viral incident from earlier this week when he was ditched by photographers because of the appearance of Selena Gomez. While speaking with Chad Johnson, Sharpe joked that he believes Gomez’s team was using him to “distract” the press away from the singer and actress. He elaborated, suggesting that they had Selena leave right after he did so she could get away unnoticed. Sharpe admitted that he wasn’t especially familiar with Gomez but would have asked for a selfie if he had known who she was.

It was a rather funny moment when the video emerged earlier this week. Sharpe was right in the middle of an interview with TMZ and other outlets when the reporters suddenly abandoned him to grab photos and quotes from Gomez. Even funnier was the fact that several reporters actually returned to continue speaking with Sharpe after Gomez had departed. Sharpe told Johnson that he had just been trying out a new restaurant but. Furthermore, he joked that the whole experience had him eyeing DoorDash instead.

However, Sharpe telling his side of the Selena Gomez story wasn’t the only wild thing to come out of his interview with Johnson. Johnson claimed that he and A$AP Rocky are cousins, saying that their grandmothers are sisters. However Sharpe didn’t believe it. “I’m closer to a Rottweiler than you are to A$AP Rocky,” Sharpe told the Bengals legend. The two argued back and forth, with Johnson insisting that he was telling the truth.

Despite Johnson’s insistence Sharpe refused to believe him. “You know who my cuh is?” Sharpe asked, baiting Johnson into a trap, “You know my cuh is? Drake. Drake my cuh.” Johnson seemed pretty over the whole thing as Sharpe continued not to believe him. “I’ll just wait for him to come out after this come out and confirm it.”

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