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Jimmy Fallon Not Being Replaced on Late-Night Show Despite Being Accused of Berating Staff and Creating Toxic Work Environment

Since allegations of toxic workplace behavior, Jimmy Fallon has seemingly tried to make amends with his employees.

via: Radar Online

The troubled Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is being rocked by accusations he’s a behind-the-scenes bully whose alleged booze-fueled behavior made him even more toxic than dethroned Ellen DeGeneres — but RadarOnline.com can reveal the funnyman’s $16 million-a-year gig is not up for grabs, despite reports.

As this outlet reported, 16 current and former Tonight Show staffers claimed the Saturday Night Live alum’s boozy mood swings led to mass employee defections, forced emotionally battered assistants to seek therapy, and even triggered suicidal thoughts among some shell-shocked staffers.

Moles blabbed the bad news came at a horrible time for the TV star, who continues to languish in third place in late-night viewership behind FOX’s top-rated Greg Gutfeld and CBS mainstay Stephen Colbert.

While a network insider claimed NBC is delighted Fallon attracts coveted advertising demographics, sources dished to the National Enquirer that the new scandal — coupled with his also-ran status — had execs desperate to kick him to the curb.

“Jimmy’s contract runs to 2026 — but apparently NBC has been looking at an exit strategy for a while now,” the insider said. The outlet’s sources even claimed the network had been eyeing candidates to take the comic’s place, including his former SNL castmate Tina Fey, because his good-guy image may be irreparably tarnished after whistleblowers accused him of being a hangover hotbed.

But a network source told RadarOnline.com “That’s not true.”

The accusations against Fallon were exposed by Rolling Stone earlier this month. The bombshell report has allegedly brought back bad memories of Fallon’s past misadventures, which some claimed were caused by alcohol.

Fallon was caught in the middle of a bar brawl in Manhattan in 2014 and the next year nearly severed his finger when he fell in his kitchen after a night on the town.

After the recent accusations surfaced, sources said Fallon — who insists he doesn’t have an issue with alcohol or drugs — apologized to his staff and said, “I feel so bad I can’t even tell you.” And NBC confirmed employee complaints “have been investigated, and action has been taken where appropriate.”

But insiders insisted that while Fallon’s job is safe — at least for now — his mea culpa may be too little, too late because the Tonight Show’s crew is allegedly no longer buying his crocodile tears.

RadarOnline.com reached out to NBC for comment.

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