Shanna Moakler’s Boyfriend Reconsiders Proposal After She Flirts with Lamar Odom

It has been claimed that Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend Matthew Rondeau has misgivings about his plans to pop the question.

via: Page Six

Due to Shanna Moakler flirting with Lamar Odom on “Celebrity Big Brother,” her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, is reconsidering proposing to the former Playmate.

According to sources as TMZ, Rondeau is unhappy with Moakler, 46 and Odom’s, 42, on-screen chemistry, as he’s been watching the hit reality show — as well as its live feed — since she entered the house, picking up on some concerning behavior.

In one clip, the mother of three says to the former NBA star, “These are wetter so just keep pushing,” to which he replies, “that’s always better.”

“Always better when it’s wetter, that’s my motto,” she added to their convo, dripping in sexual innuendo.

Rondeau is also allegedly hurt by Moakler using the same phrases he uses around her, finding it disrespectful and hurtful.

While he understands reality TV can require a bit of titillation, he feels they’ve crossed the line, and believes producers of the show are egging on their bad behavior for the sake of ratings.

The report comes three days after Moakler’s former housemate, Teddi Mellencamp, claimed Rondeau slid into her DMs on social media to make shady comments about his girlfriend.

“Shanna’s boyfriend, who I didn’t tag in any posts, slid into my DMs,” Mellencamp, 40, alleged on Wednesday’s episode of her and Tamra Judge’s “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast.

“Let’s just say, Shanna, when you get out of the house, if he hasn’t told you anything, you need to call me, girl,” “The Real Housewives of Orange County” alum continued.

The fitness influencer explained that she had made a joke about Moakler voting her out of the house and Rondeau responded to it in a way that shaded his lady.

“I said, ‘Oh, Shanna, had I known you were going to vote me out, I wouldn’t have left you my hat.’ Obviously joking. It’s a beanie cap. I don’t care. It’s my bad attempt at humor,” Mellencamp recalled. “But he wrote, ‘You’ll never see that hat again’ and then something negative about her.”

It’s surprising that Matthew didn’t have second thoughts after Shanna spent half a year obsessing over her ex Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian.

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