Sexyy Red Says Her ‘Sweet’ First Boyfriend Stole $13 and Fake Gucci Belt for Her: ‘Most Romantic Thing’ [Video]

Sexyy Red says the ‘most romantic thing’ a man has ever done for her involves…well, stealing.

via Complex:

“The most romantic thing somebody did for me, it was my first boyfriend,” Red said around the 9:42 mark in the video above. “I was just in high school. He was a little older than me. It was Valentine’s Day, I’ll never forget. He robbed somebody and gave me the money and gave me the bill he stole and it was just so sweet.”

The boyfriend in question, Red recalled, approached her while “out of breath” and presented her with what he procured during the theft.

“I was like, ‘Oh, sweet. Thank you,’” she said. “Because nobody did nothing like that for me.”

According to Red, she was about 15 years old at the time of the gift, which included a fake Gucci belt and $13 in cash.

“That was the first time somebody ever had got me a gift or tried to do something for me and I know he didn’t have it,” she added. “So the fact that you still made a way and you did what you had to do, that was nice. And it was only $13, but it was nice. And it was a fake Gucci belt.”

From there, Red opened up about her definition of love and why she considers herself a “mean girlfriend.”

At the beginning of the clip, Red explained the meaning behind “Pound Town” and “SkeeYee.”

“It could be anywhere, it could be your house, your car, it could be right here right now,” Red said of “Pound Town.” “Wherever you want it to be at. It could be in that bathroom back there.”

On the slang “SkeeYee,” she says, “That’s when like you see a cute girl or somebody with a big booty or you’re trying to holler at somebody. They call that the ‘geek’ call. A geek is a crackhead, dope fiend. When you are serving geeks where I am from. That’s the geek call. When you see some geeks on the other side of the street saying ‘SkeeYee!’ so you know they got that shit in ’em. That’s what we do where I’m from.”

Check out the video below.

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