‘Sayonara Sucker!’ Andy Cohen Gives Mayor de Blasio a New Year’s Sendoff [Photo + Video]

Andy Cohen isn’t the biggest fan of New York’s now-former mayor, and he made that pretty clear last night.

via: New York Post

An animated Andy Cohen did not mince words while telling viewers of CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” coverage what he thought about former Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was replaced by Mayor Eric Adams after the ball dropped.

Cohen leaned into the camera and nearly needed to be held back by co-host Anderson Cooper as he unloaded on the ex-mayor — despite Cooper pleading with the Bravo personality not to “go on a rant.”

“Do his victory lap dance after four years as the crappiest term of the mayor of New York,” Cohen stammered, as an exasperated Cooper shook his head and repeated “wow” in disbelief after failing to change the subject.

“The only thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been. So, sayonara sucker!”

The “Watch What Happens Live” host and West Village resident misstated the length of de Blasio’s tenure. He actually served 8 years.

But despite the two-term mayor’s success at the ballot box de Blasio often attracted Bronx cheers from an array of constituencies, including the NYPD’s rank and file, Black Lives Matter protestors, concertgoers, and fans of competitive hot dog eating.

Watch Andy wilding out, as well as his morning after tweet below.

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