Say What Now? Woman Lights Her Apartment on Fire After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Is Gay


A woman accused of setting her apartment on fire after she discovered her boyfriend was gay and cheating on her says it was a complete accident.


Lakishette Williams, 25, appeared for a bail reconsideration hearing Friday – four months after she was charged with aggravated arson for the incident.

Police said at the time that they pulled Williams from her apartment on North Gouverneur Avenue and found that she had started fires in two rooms. 

Prosecutors said Friday that police found evidence of the first fire on a stovetop in the kitchen where they discovered remnants of charred paper on a burner.

After investigating the rest of the apartment, they found broken glass and evidence of more burned papers in the living room and an aerosol can nearby, prosecutors said.

They added that the building held other apartments, including one that was occupied when Williams lit the fires. Prosecutors believe Williams intended to damage the building.

Caroline Turner, an attorney representing Williams, said that the 25-year-old wasn’t trying to light the apartment on fire – she was just burning love letters from her boyfriend.

Williams had recently discovered online that her boyfriend was gay and in relationships with other men, Turner said.

Distraught over her failed relationship, the 25-year-old mother of two decided to get rid of the love letters, Turner said.

“She was devastated.” 

A judge decided to maintain Williams’ bail at $35,000, which he reduced from the initial $50,000 during an earlier bail hearing in December.

Williams’ case is expected to go before a grand jury this month.

When a woman’s fed up…

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