Say What Now? Woman Hid 36 Vials of Crack Cocaine In Her Vagina

Well, when she gets out of prison she can always get a job as a magician!

When an alleged drug deal backfired on Ashley Bellamy and her boyfriend Marcus Gibson, she pulled the ultimate inside job.

The 22-year-old Philadelphia woman hid 36 vials of crack in her vagina in an attempt to stay out of custody, a police official told the Philadelphia Daily News.

At about 5 a.m., Gibson and Bellamy allegedly pulled a gun on a man who wanted to buy crack from them at an Upper Darby Wawa parking lot. They told him to get more than the $50 he had, according to the paper. The 40-year-old man went back inside, but called police to report that there was a man with a gun in the parking lot.

When cops arrived and prompted Bellamy to get out of her car, they noticed she was “walking funny,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told the paper.

female officer was called to search Bellamy, who admitted that she tucked the narcotics inside herself, the Delaware County Daily Times reported.

The pair was arrested and charged with possession and intent to deliver, reported.

The gun was never recovered, and Chitwood wouldn’t speculate as to where it was.

via Huffington Post

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