Say What Now? Woman Arrested After Allegedly Putting Dead Foot Skin Shavings in Family's Milk


A Maryland woman was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly serving milk to family members filled with nasty dead skin shavings from her feet.

According to court documents, 56-year-old Sarah P. Schrock had given her two victims milk around dinner time when one of them began to choke and “coughed up what looked like dead human skin.”

via Southern Maryland Newspapers Online:

Schrock was alone at the home that day until [family member] Jessica Hurry and the child arrived at dinner time, and they were drinking the milk when the child began choking and coughed up what looked like dead human skin, according to court papers filed by St. Mary’s sheriff’s Cpl. Jaime Davis.

Hurry also gagged, court papers state, and a witness found dead skin shavings in the milk after pouring it into a strainer.

Hurry told police that the suspect has dry feet because of diabetes, and that she “has trays in her room with the same kind of dead skin shavings that had come off of her feet,” according to a statement of probable cause filed by the deputy.

When Sarah was confronted by police, she reportedly “denied having any involvement” with the adulterated milk.

She now faces charges of food contamination, second-degree assault and failure to comply with a court order, having previously been ordered to have no contact with Hurry.


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