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[Updated] George Zimmerman Shot in the Face During Altercation at Lake Mary [Photo]


George Zimmerman has been shot in the face. He’s still alive.

The shooting incident occurred Monday in Seminole County on Lake Mary Boulevard.

According to authorities, Zimmerman was shot in the face during a confrontation with a driver. They said the injury appears to be minor.

It’s still unclear what exactly happened, but whatever it was had to be pretty intense for someone to shoot him in the face.

Because we’re good Christian people, we’re going to keep our thoughts to ourselves on this one.

Update: Here’s more on what went down:

A lawyer for Zimmerman, Don West, told CBS News Radio that Zimmerman was shot at while driving and was injured, but not by a bullet.

West told WKMG a bullet missed Zimmerman’s head, but his client was sprayed with glass from his vehicle’s windshield and other debris.

He told the station Zimmerman was not seriously injured and was treated and released from a hospital.

Bianca Gillett, a public information officer for the Lake Mary Police, named the second man in the incident as Matthew Apperson. She said Zimmerman flagged down police, and Apperson later called 911.

She said it’s not clear what motivated the shooting, but she said it appeared Zimmerman was not the shooter.

There’ve been no arrests and no one has been charged, she said. Police are waiting to speak with both men through their lawyers.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Apperson and Zimmerman were involved in a previous dispute. Apperson claimed Zimmerman threatened to shoot him during a road rage incident in September 2014, the paper reported, but there was no arrest because Apperson didn’t want to press charges.

After Monday’s encounter involving the two men, Ken Cornell, an MRI tech who works at nearby Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging, told 48 Hours’ Crimesider that he was returning to work from lunch when he saw Apperson get out of a gray Infiniti. He said Apperson asked him, “Please call 911, I just shot George Zimmerman.”

Cornell said he didn’t see the incident or Zimmerman.

Cornell said he dialed 911 and put Apperson on the phone with dispatchers, and that Apperson told police it was his third dispute with Zimmerman.

“He said the cops know who I am, this is an ongoing dispute,” Cornell said.

Apperson said he saw a gun before opening fire, according to Cornell. Apperson was “definitely shaken,” he said.

[via CBS]

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