Say What Now? Target Store Plays X-Rated Porn Sounds Over Intercom [Video]

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When we go to Target, the only issue we ever have is the urge to fill our basket with a dozen more items than what we actually went in for. Unfortunately, customers shopping at a Target in San Jose had to deal with that — and the loud sounds of porn playing from the store speaker system overhead.

via sfist:

Target shopper Gina Young was with her twins in the chain’s Campbell, California store Wednesday when someone began playing the audio from a porno over the store’s PA system. She recorded it for posterity and posted it to Youtube and Instagram as you can see above. And, hilariously, one of her three-year-old twins asked of the moaning woman blaring over the speakers, “Is she hurt?”

Says Young, “People offered to help me cover my twins’ ears. Others threw their stuff down and walked out. Employees were running around everywhere. Picking and hanging up phones, which worked… for about two minutes before it started up again.”

Target said in a statement the store is investigating the situation.

“We are actively reviewing the situation with the team to better understand what happened and to help ensure this doesn’t happen again,” Target spokesperson Molly Snyder said. “Because this is an active investigation, I’m unable to share additional details, but we want our guests to know that we take this very seriously.”

Watch a clip of the prank in action below.

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