Making Moves: Jay Z Spotted Leaving Samsung Offices + Is He Trying to Sell Tidal to Spotify? [Photo]


There have been a few rumors floating around regarding Jay Z’s involvement with his Tidal streaming service, each suggesting he’s looking for a way out.

This latest report comes via HitsDailyDouble and says that Jay’s looking to possibly sell Tidal to rival streaming service, Spotify.

via HDD:

Meanwhile, is Jay Z trying to sell Tidal to Spotify as part of his exit strategy? Such a scenario would give Spotify its own much-needed access to the artist community. It makes sense that Daniel Ek would bite now that Apple Music is competing with him for artists’ bandwidth. In a related note, it could be months before we get a sense of how many users Apple Music has retained as paying customers, in part because not everyone signed up on 6/30, day one of the 90-day free trial. Indeed, new users are still signing up for the offer. 

Aside from that, Jay was spotted leaving Samsung offices in Silicon Valley yesterday. According to Variety:

Especially interesting in this context is the location of the visit: Photos and videos posted to social media show Jay-Z leaving the office of Samsung Research America, which also houses Samsung MSCA, the unit responsible for Samsung’s content strategy, including its Milk Music service. Varietyhas since learned that one of his meetings there was with Daren Tsui, Samsung’s SVP of content and services, and the driving force behind Milk Music.

Milk Music is Samsung’s Pandora competitor that launched back in 2014. The company offers both Milk Music and Milk Video, focusing on short-term content. Samsung recently announced that it’s shutting down Milk Video next month while it laid off several staff members earlier this year.

Now, where we come from, wherever there’s smoke — there’s fire. Jay’s definitely exploring his options to keep Tidal afloat.

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