Say What Now? Swedish Woman Refuses to Leave McDonald's for THREE WEEKS While Searching for a New Home


An unnamed woman has taken up residence inside of a Swedish McDonald’s while she looks for a permanent place to live.

via NY Daily News:

She reportedly travelled to the city of Velanda, where she hopes to live, and then camped out inside the fast-food chain.

“We have opened around the clock and it’s warm in the building,” an employee explained to a local newspaper. “We tried to speak to her about how she can’t stay here, but it hasn’t worked. She keeps coming back.”

Earlier this week, employees reported her for trespassing after she tried to re-enter the restaurant — still though she remained at the eatery, even after police officers offered to buy her a train ticket back to her hometown. Instead, she hopes to live in Velanda in spite of having no friends or family there because she knows the area well.

“We have tried everything, the social services, security, police, the church, the women’s shelter,” the McDonald’s employee continued. “We want to get rid of her but she’s still living here. It’s clearly frustrating.”

Sounds like quite the McProblem.

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