Say What Now? Rapper Gets Shot in the Head with an AK-47; Immediately Takes a Selfie [Video]


Compton’s own Teriq-B is lucky to be alive today. The rapper got shot in the head and lived to talk about it.

Not only did he live to talk about it, moments after he got shot he whipped out his phone and recorded a selfie video to share with his followers — bloody face and all.

Most people with god-given common sense would have been focused on seeking medical attention…but not Tariq. He was too busy telling his friends & followers that he’s ‘really a rap n*gga now‘.

Is this what gang violence in 2015 is like?

He uploaded the graphic below video to Facebook along with the caption:

God let me walk away from an AK47 dumpin rounds at me and my bros ???????????????????????? I just want yall to know
GOD IS REAL AND GOD LOVES YOU ! ??????we living in some dark days , we wasn’t even his targets , he was just trigger happy.

(I was in shock when I filmed this , 3 bullet fragments on my skull ???? could have pierced my brain… I’m just blessed to see another day and RAP ABOUT IT ???????? ) #BushGang#GoneDieSomeKings

Help these children, Lord.

[via HHE]

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