Say What Now? Orlando Scandrick NEVER Proposed to Draya, She Reportedly Bought Her Own Engagement Ring [Video]


Yesterday, news broke that Orlando Scandrick has called off his engagement to Draya Michele and ended their relationship.

At first, we couldn’t figure out why Orlando would make such a public spectacle and embarrass someone he was JUST getting ready to marry — but, as it turns out, he never wanted to marry her anyway!

A well-connected little birdie told us that Draya faked the entire engagement and Orlando’s been trying to clean up the mess without making them both look crazy.

According to our source:

She bought the ring and her publicist planted the story. [Orlando] didn’t propose. He has been trying to sort it out and figure out how to get the fuck away from her for months! She wouldn’t leave his house and was acting [like a] squatter.

She used allll her coins on it. And promised that jeweler he would get media attention blah blah blah

That certainly would explain the sudden turn of events.

What we can’t figure out is why Draya would do such a thing in the first place! In the video below, Draya speaks about her ‘proposal’ and how it all went down — and something about her delivery seems a little suspect to us.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Orlando says he DID propose… but it’s not what you think!

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