Say What Now? North Carolina Powerball Winner's Boyfriend Posts $12 MILLION Bond

say what now lottery 12 million bond

Marie Holmes made national headlines last February after winning a massive $188 million Powerball jackpot. After taxes, she walked away with an $88 million lump sum payment. Despite coming into a substantial amount of wealth, her boyfriend Lamarr McDow can’t seem to live his life right by the law and has been in and out of jail.

Lamarr was able to post a $3 million bond back in March (thanks to his girl, no doubt) after going to jail for heroin charges.

He was re-arrested during a raid in July for violating his pre-trial release. He posted a $6 million bond at that time.

On December 26th, Lamarr got arrested again on a misdemeanor charge of conspiring to arrange a street race. He was booked under a $12 million bond — which he posted.

His bonds are skyrocketing because the amount automatically doubles if a defendant breaks the rules of a pre-trial release, local attorneys told WECT. The non-refundable fee paid to bail bondsmen who bail out an inmate usually amounts to roughly 10% of the total bond amount.

We’re sorry, but Marie is dumb as hell and clearly doesn’t she deserve all that money. WHY would she waste it on a criminal…repeatedly?



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