Say What Now? Man Dies After Being Suffocated By Girlfriend's Breasts


The bigger, the better….right?

Donna Marie Lange and her boyfriend of one month were arguing inside their trailer park home in Everett last Saturday, when witnesses say the 50-year-old woman threw her 51-year-old beau across the room and then sat on him, refusing his demands to be let up.

Lange, said to be 5’6″, 192 pounds, was later discovered possibly passed out on top of her 5’7″ boyfriend’s face.

The two had reportedly been drinking and smoking pot earlier in the day along with several friends who were still inside the residence.

When Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the scene, the man was already unconscious, and CPR was attempted unsuccessfully.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Lange also sustained a facial injury during the altercation. “She didn’t admit any wrongdoing and she said that she was sorry if the victim was dead, but she didn’t know anything about how he died,” deputies wrote in the incident report.

Investigators are currently examining the possibility that the victim was smothered by Lange’s breasts, and charges of second-degree manslaughter are pending.

This is hardly the first time a woman’s breast have been implicated as accessories to a crime.

This past November, a German man accused his girlfriend of trying to kill him with her 38DD breasts under the guise of a “sex game.”

And in 2010, a British woman nearly choked the life out of her boyfriend when she accidentally covered his face with her 40LL breasts during lovemaking.

via Gawker

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