Say What Now? Man Attacks His Family with a Meat Cleaver After Getting Into an Argument About Election Results


Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and it’s usually a time for families to come together. For one Brooklyn family, the holidays are about to be super awkward thanks to an altercation over election result involving a meat cleaver.

via NY Daily News:

A 49-year-old man enraged about President-elect Donald Trump’s victory stabbed four of his relatives with a meat cleaver Saturday, leaving his sister with a severed thumb, police sources said. 

Yvonne Braswell, 67, said the fight began in her Flatbush apartment when her sons, Maurice and Dwight, got in an argument over why Hillary Clinton had been defeated.

Neither of the brothers voted for Trump, Braswell said, but the dispute escalated and Maurice grabbed a meat cleaver. 

“They’re always in confrontation, they grew up like that, bickering,” Braswell said of her two sons. “But it’s been a long time since they went this far. Many, many years.”

The family tried to break up the fight, leading to them getting sliced by Maurice in the melee, Braswell said, sporting 17 stitches in her thumb.

In addition to cutting his sister and mother, Maurice slashed his brother in the head and hand, sources said. Maurice’s nephew was also cut in the right hand, according to sources.

Asked what the brothers thought Trump would do as president, Braswell replied: “Not a damn thing…nothing,”

Maurice was awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Now, the family’s plans to celebrate Thanksgiving together were in doubt.

“Well, we were. I don’t know now,” Braswell said. 

She hoped her sons could let bygones be bygones.

“I hope so. It might be a little while, but I hope so,” she said, adding, “Other than that, I have great sons.”

Braswell’s election district voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, who garnered 93.74% of the votes compared to just 3.6% for President-elect Donald Trump, according to the Board of Election’s unofficial results.

They might just need to try again Thanksgiving 2017.

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