Say What Now? Florida Taqueria Pulls Lion Tacos from Menu After Customer Outrage



Lion, camel, beaver, and otter…those are just a few of the meats you’ll find on the menu at a Florida taqueria.

Taco Fusion opened in Tampa this past February, and has been making a local name for itself with its unusual fare.

But the line was drawn on their behalf when the restaurant began offering lion meat to customers earlier this week.

A prohibitively pricey taco at $35 a shell, it was unclear how many people actually tried the thing before it “sold out.”

Though the restaurant said its lion meat came from a reputable vendor in Illinois, many people were outraged at its mere sale.

Big Cat Rescue told WTVY that lions are not endangered; and Taco Fusion’s operation manager Brad Barnett advised those who opposed the item not to eat it.

But it seems the criticism has become too loud to ignore, and Taco Fusion subsequently pulled the taco from its menu, saying in a statement that it had no plans to offer it again.

In addition to serving gator, gazelle, and camel meat, Taco Fusion plans to introduce iguana, zebra and bear meat in the foreseeable future.

via Gawker

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