Say What Now? Feminist Blogger Makes Bread Using Yeast From Her Own Vagina [Photos] |


In today’s “that’s nasty!” news, feminist blogger Zoe Starvi decided she was going to do something different with her vaginal yeast.

Instead of trying to get rid of her yeast infection, she opted to use it in place of store bought yeast in a recipe for sourdough bread.


She live-tweeted her entire kitchen process including photos of her experience.

As of now, Zoe’s still in the process of seeing if this actually works.

via her blog:

I’ll be updating periodically on my baking endeavours, including the final result. I will be using the hashtag #cuntsourdough. So, hopefully your curiosity is piqued. I know I’m excited to try whatever happens–in fact, watching the life that has sprung from my loins has finally made me understand why people want to have children (although I still prefer my sourdough starter: it’s lower maintenance than a child).

The next update to be posted on the blog will probably be if/when it’s in a state to actually bake bread with (or maybe I’ll try doing crumpets from my crumpet), although I’ll likely update more often on Twitter (@stavvers). Before you tweet me to tell me how disgusted you are, let me be clear about one thing: I fucking know. It turns out the world is even more grossed out about minges than I’d previously thought.

See — this is why you can’t trust whatever people bring to potluck dinners. You could grab what looks like a normal dinner roll and end up eating vagina bread.

[via Mashable]


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