Say What Now? Elephant Escapes From Circus, Kills 65-Year-Old Man


In what sounds like a headline straight from a children’s cartoon — an elephant escaped from the circus.

Unfortunately, the escaped elephant attacked a 65-year-old man out for his morning stroll.

via Daily Mail:

A Heidelberg police spokesperson Yvonne Schmierer did not reveal what he injuries he received during the attack.

The 34-year-old female elephant, named ‘Baby’, has been captured and returned to the circus.

Police are investigating how the elephant was let out of its enclosure, and why it acted so aggressively towards the man.

‘There’s evidence of third party involvement,’ said Schmierer.

‘Either someone forgot to shut the enclosure, or the elephant was released intentionally.’

German news agency dpa reported that the elephant has a history of injuring people.

Of course, PETA is calling for authorities to remove the elephant from the circus. Estimates claim that some 500 people are killed by elephants worldwide every year.

Let this be a lesson — elephants don’t belong in circuses. Also, if you happen to see an escaped elephant coming towards you, run for cover.

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