Say What Now? Crocodile Escapes From Cargo Hold During Flight, Roams Plane Freely

If  ‘Snakes on A Plane’ ever needed a concept for a sequel, look no further.

A baggage handler on an Australian domestic flight had a nasty surprise when he discovered a crocodile roaming through the cargo hold.

The worker discovered the reptile, which was not fully grown, after it escaped from its cage during the flight from Brisbane to Melbourne.

However, the croc was quickly returned to its in-flight accommodation without causing any damage, aside from a raised heart rate for the baggage handler.

A spokesperson for Qantas told the AFP that ‘the animal was quickly and safely secured when the aircraft arrived in Melbourne’.

Qantas said in a statement that the cargo company responsible, Australian air Express, is looking into how it managed to break free from its cage.

‘The investigation is focusing on whether it had been loaded appropriately on delivery to Australian air Express,’ the company said.

This isn’t the first time a dangerous animal has caused aviation-based problems.

In India recently, Air Force pilots called for a squadron of snake charmers after two MiG-21 fighter jets were grounded by the reptiles.

An official report explained one instance where mechanics had to dismantle a jet after the pilot fled upon spotting a snake in the cockpit.

Pilots have rejected one plan which would have seen each air base given a hotline to local snake charmers, saying ‘it is not enough’.

via Gawker

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