Say What Now? Credit Card Thief Gets Busted After Posing for a Photo with the Stolen Card [Photos]

say what now credit card

A Florida woman was arrested on Friday after she willingly posed for a photo with a credit card she stole back in July. 26-year-old Mashana Michelle Harris posed for the photo because the cashier was suspicious of the transaction she was trying to make.

Harris swiped the card from a 74-year-old woman at an Ocala Walmart on July 5, according to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Then, she went on a spending spree, charging $60 at a gas station, $3 at a dollar store and a whopping $430 at a beauty store.

But when the clerk at Looking Good Beauty Supply asked Harris for ID, she said she didn’t have any on her.

Uncomfortable with the transaction, the quick-thinking cashier asked he could take her photo instead. Harris happily agreed and grinned while she held up the stolen credit card.

A month later, cops swung by the store to asked about the fraudulent transaction, and the clerk handed over Harris’ mug.

Harris spent another three months on the lam before Ocala police cornered her at Super 8 motel Tuesday, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

By Wednesday, she bailed out of jail on a $10,000 bond.

It looks like she still had all $430 of that beauty supply from July on top of her head at the time she was arrested. Poor thing.

[via NYD]

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