Say What Now? Couple Arrested for Stealing $2,000 Worth of Holiday Decorations...For the Second Time

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A Colorado Springs couple has been arrested for stealing $2,000 worth of Christmas decorations from their neighbors.

The sad part about it — this isn’t the first time 42-year-old Carrie Carley and her 18-year-old husband have been busted.

via CBS:

Carrie Carley, 42, said her husband was the sole Grinch in the scheme.

Police said the couple’s front and back yards were filled with stolen decorations, KKTV reported.

Jeremy Lewallen, 18, and Carley, his wife, were arrested Dec. 19.

Carley told CBS4 partner KKTV she didn’t know where the decorations came from.

“Every morning he’d go out for a walk, at like 2 or 3, and then there was just more stuff in the yard,” Carley told the station.

Lewallen spent Christmas morning in jail. Carley bounded out.

According to the affidavit, Lewallen “chuckled” when confronted about the stolen decorations. He said he didn’t care about people from whom he’d stolen, police said.

Carley said Lewallen was also jailed in November for stealing Halloween decorations, but she worried that reporting the ill-gotten Christmas decorations would’ve landed her in trouble.

She told KKTV: “I didn’t know if I called if I was going to get in trouble myself or not, you know, because it was in my yard.”

Both face felony theft counts. Carley said she will fight charges against her.

Stealing decorations to celebrate the season of giving — how ironic.

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