Sarah Jessica Parker Close to Returning to HBO with New Series 'Divorce' |

Sarah Jessica Parker Close to Returning to HBO with New Series ‘Divorce’


It’s been 11 year since Sex and the City ended its 7-season run, but Sarah Jessica Parker is looking to come back to HBO for a new comedy.

The comedy is called Divorce, and as of now it’s set to both star and be produced by SJP.

via The Hollywood Reporter:

Divorce centers on a middle-aged woman (Parker), who, influenced by her two recently single friends, impulsively brings up the idea of divorce with her husband but then can’t decide whether to actually go through with it — until her husband discovers the affair she’s been having and calls the marriage off. 

Parker will star and executive produce via her Pretty Matches Productions banner. SharonHorgan, whose recent U.S. pilots include Fox’s Dead Boss as well as ABC’s Bad Management and Pulling, is on board to pen the script. Aaron KaplanPaul Simms (Girls, Bored to Death, Flight of the Conchords) and Pretty Matches president Alison Benson will also executive produce. Should the project move forward, Horgan will serve as showrunner, with Simms as co-showrunner. 

Let’s face it, we can only watch Sex and the City reruns for SO long…

A new Sarah Jessica Parker series could be really great — if done right.

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