Say What Now? Costume Company Releases a Kim Kardashian-Inspired 'Parisian Robbery Victim' Outfit


A costume company is stirring up controversy after releasing a Kim Kardashian-inspired ‘Parisian heist robbery victim’ kit for Halloween.

The outfit comes with a fake $4 million ring and a gag.

via Mail Online:

The $69.99 costume, which is being advertised on the company’s website, also includes a ‘white short sexy robe’, a long black wig, big sunglasses and a two-foot rope. 

It comes just one year after the same company – Costumeish – released a controversial ‘foxy Megyn’s bloody tampon’ outfit, inspired by Donald Trump’s sexist comments to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Its latest poor-taste creation takes aim at Kim, 35, by attempting to make light of the reality television star’s terrifying robbery in Paris just one week ago during which she was held at gunpoint and was robbed of an estimated $8.5 million of jewelry.

Among the items stolen from the apartment, where she was staying during Paris Fashion Week, was her 20-carat diamond engagement ring.

To demonstrate the costume, the company website features a model wearing the ‘kit’ with her wrists tied up with the rope. 

The company has not directly named Kim on its website but described her as ‘America’s goddess of all things glamorous’.

This is just rude.

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