Say What Now? Company Launches 'Cooking with Semen' Class -- And You Have to Bring Your Own


We’re no stranger to cooking classes, but a London-based company just launched a class that we DEFINITELY won’t be attending anytime soon — or ever.

The class is called ‘BYOS’ — which sands for ‘Bring Your Own Semen.’ Yes, semen. The goal is to make dishes such as a ‘Victoria Spooge Cake’ or drinks like the ‘Schlong Island Iced Tea’ using yours or a partner’s semen in the recipes.

For the record — that’s donut glaze in the above photo.

via Wonderush:

The health benefits of semen have long been debated, but for the first time ever, amateur chefs will be taught how to use it as a cooking ingredient in appetizers, mains, desserts and drinks.

The class is being supported by renowned sex educator Alix Fox, who said,

“While the idea of bringing cum into the kitchen will doubtless appall many people, some individuals find the idea of consuming such an intimate substance an incredible turn-on.”

Our founder Nelson said,

“I know some people will find this hard to swallow, but the idea of cooking with semen isn’t as farfetched as one might think. Wonderush is all about giving people unique classes and experiences, and although our usual classes are somewhat tamer, this should give people a taste of our sense of humour!”


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