Say What Now? 'Chocolate Tans' Are All the Rage for White Women in Sweden [Photos]

chocolate tans

Emma Patissier Alm runs the Stockholm-based ‘Emmaatan’ salon which specializes in spray tanning.

Now, spray tans are nothing new — but what makes this line of products so unique is that Emmaatan provides tanning colors such as “Violet Onyx“, “Dark Ash Onyx“, “Caramel” and “Dark Chocolate.”

That’s right. White women are walking out of the salon with ‘Dark Chocolate’-colored skin.


The company Instagram (which has now been locked) is full of photos of ‘happy customers’  — and most recently comments from around the world about how ridiculous this is.


Now, what if your co-worker showed up to the office with a fresh ‘tan’? How would you react?


No ma’am. No sir.

[via BlackGirlLongHair]

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