Say What Now? California Man Waits 36 Hours For PS5 on Black Friday [Photo + Video]

Everyone has been clamoring for the new PlayStation 5, with one man in California had way too much time on his hand that he waited 36 hours to get his hands on one.

via: New York Post

A California man was so intent on snagging one of this year’s hot holiday gadgets — a PlayStation 5 — that he stood outside a GameStop for 36 hours to be first on the line when the store opened on Black Friday.

Gamer Tyler Lopez, 20, began his vigil at the Dublin, Calif., location at 8 p.m. Wednesday, and told the local ABC affiliate it was “definitely relieving” to finally have his hands on a console.

“The console itself was already good enough, but now I get to be on the news. Even better!” he quipped as he held tight to the PS5.

Dublin Police even treated the dedicated shoppers to donuts and hot chocolate.

“That was above and beyond,” said Tyler’s dad, Rodney. “We were pretty cold and pretty tired at that point but it was really nice of them to do it.”

The store, about 30 minutes north of San Jose, sold out its two PS5s and four Xboxes in short order, including to one buyer who expected to net a profit by reselling one of the Xboxes online.

Okay forget waiting in line for 36 hours, when did police start handing out muffins and hot chocolate to people?

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