Say What Now? California Man Arrested for Trying to Burn Down His Neighbor's House to Get Rid of a Ghost [Video]

A California man was captured on camera pouring gasoline onto his neighbor’s house in an attempt to burn it down — all for the sole purpose of getting rid of a ghost he believed was haunting the residence.

via NYDN:

In the video, he pours diesel onto the porch of the Stockton home and attempts to light it, but the fire never ignites

A woman and her two children were asleep inside the house at the time of the early Thursday morning incident.

The man, who lives across the street, was quickly arrested after the family called police.

“They arrested him,” the homeowner said. “He said that he didn’t have anything against us, that he thought he saw a ghost in our house and to me that’s just even scarier.”

The man, 38-year-old Cuong Pham, was charged with arson and attempted murder.

We would like to know how he knew a ghost haunted a house he doesn’t even live in…

Check out the video below.

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