Say What Now? Woman Arrested After Throwing Boyfriend's Mother's Ashes Into Lake [Photos + Video]

A Texas woman was charged last Wednesday for allegedly throwing his boyfriend’s mother’s ashes in a lake.

via: Revolt

A viral video shows a Texas woman throwing the ashes of her boyfriend’s mother into Lake Worth. “He cheated so I threw his mom’s ashes in the river,” says the caption of the video as it makes its rounds on social media.

The woman was allegedly arrested and charged a month ago (May) with abuse of a corpse after she confessed to her then-boyfriend in a text message to throwing his mother’s ashes in the lake, according to Fort Worth Police Department.

As you all know, Twitter users never hold back on their thoughts. Here’s what a few people had to say regarding the situation:

Twitter user @mahjinbootie tweeted “call me what you want! But I hope shorty gets cheated on for the rest of her natural born life!”

“The mother didn’t do anything to urn that,” @D1ckota jokingly tweeted.

Twitter user @NoCommentsays tweeted, “The steps involved though. Getting dressed. Transporting the urn. Finding a camera person. The first sprinkle of the mom’s ashes on her hands. Plenty of opportunities to hit pause. [slaps face emoji]”

“Forget the steps… Imagine disrespecting someone’s ashes? It’s certain things I would never even think of doing,” Twitter user @JamalLemond added.

“Like…. How wasn’t she able to stop herself midway, turn back the car and drive home? [slaps face emoji], Twitter user @BoiShugar_ also added.

Twitter user @_jasminwats asked “Why do people record themselves committing crimes,” as people also debated whether stealing and throwing someone’s ashes in a lake is an actual crime or not.

“That’s what I said. Like what type of friend records you while you breaking the law instead of discouraging you? Then post it. Fake friends & clout chasing Same time,” @dukenukem_1ncmo added.

Twitter user @cevedajasmine tweeted, “If you never cheat you never have to worry about ur moms ashes ending up in the river.

Below are more reactions from Twitter users:

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