Say What Now? Woman Arrested After Getting Caught Sending Her Imprisoned Lover a Meth-Soaked Greeting Card

Amanda Lynn Mollison is heading to prison after getting caught mailing a greeting card soaked in methamphetamine to her man — who was behind bars.

The intended recipient, Justin Brown, was serving time thanks to a nine month sentence for theft and a seven year sentence for evading arrest.

via NYDN:

NBC 5 reported that prison officials recorded phone conversations between Mollison and Brown during which they discussed the making and sending of the card.

In a Sept. 30, 2016, conversation, Brown allegedly asked Mollison “to work on his card tonight.” At the time, he said he “wants to get high.”

On Oct. 4, 2016, Brown reportedly asked Mollison if “she did what he asked her to do.” The following day Mollison confirmed she mailed the card.

According to the outlet, Mollison pleaded guilty to providing contraband in prison. Brown pleaded guilty of possessing said contraband.

Both Mollison and Brown, 39, will serve 51-months in prison.

This sounds like a plotline straight out of ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

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