Say What Now? White Wisconsin Teacher Yell's 'N*gga' Repeatedly in the Classroom, Says It's Ok Because She Had a Black Nanny [Video]

An unidentified teacher in Wisconsin has been placed on leave after a video emerged of her repeatedly using the N-word in a classroom surfaced.

via Newsweek:

The teacher, who has not been identified, was recorded by one of her students repeatedly using the n-word while teaching a class at Bradford High School in Kenosha on November 29.

The Italian teacher then allegedly told the students that she was allowed to use the word because she had a black nanny.

“I can say it,” the teacher said in the video obtained by CBS 58. She then proceeded to say the n-word several times in quick succession.

One of the students who was in the class at the time of the incident described her shock to the station. “That’s not a word anyone should use in school, let alone a teacher,”  the student, who did want to be identified, said.

She added that some students “just sat there” during the outburst and couldn’t believe what the teacher had said, whereas others “just laughed it off.”

The teacher is alleged to have used the racial slur after one of the girls in the classroom said the word to another student.

Parent Kristal Manthe, who has a son and a younger sister in the class, told CBS 58 that the teacher defended her use of the word to students.

“She brought up that when she was younger, she had a nanny who was of color, and that people often called her nanny that, so she became comfortable using that type of language.

“She needs to apologize to the class that she made uncomfortable,” Manthe added.

“Her influence on them is going to make them think that this type of language is OK in the future, and that really bothered me.”

In a statement, the Kenosha Unified School District confirmed that the teacher has been placed on paid leave while they investigate the incident.

“The district was made aware of this incident today and has launched an investigation. The employee has been placed on paid leave while the investigation is completed, however, no additional details can be shared due to personnel privacy rights,” the statement said.

Another parent disputes the school district’s claim that they have only just heard about the incident, claiming he went to speak to the principal the day it happened in late November.

You can check out the video here.

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