Say What Now? A Viral TikTok Shows a Shoplifter Get Abandoned By Her Getaway Driver Moments Before Arrest [Video]

A wildly viral TikTok video posted Sunday shows what the creator maintains is a shoplifting gone wrong, in which the getaway driver abandons the thief, leaving her to run from police arriving on the scene.

via: Complex

The video, which was uploaded to TikTok by the account @faxisfax, shows the would-be heist go haywire after the woman, who is seen on the TikTok clutching a whole rack of pants, tries to open the back door of her getaway driver’s car. As she screams at the driver to unlock the door and knocks on the rear door mirror, the driver skirts out of the parking lot, leaving her behind. The woman drops her rack of pants and proceeds to run away on foot as a police officer is seen hopping out of his cruiser and making chase. The second half of the video shows the woman being led back in handcuffs by the officer.

“Nice Little Saturday…’ the video’s caption reads. The user @faxisfax mentioned in the replies that the incident took place on Saturday outside of a Hibbit Sports Store in Edwardsville, Illinois. So far, the video, which was uploaded yesterday, has already gathered over 102K shares and over 1.6 million likes. Most of the comments shared their sympathies with the woman, who many believed was intentionally abandoned. “They straight left her I’m mad for her,” one commenter wrote. The Daily Dot added that they personally reached out to the Edwardsville Police Department for comment and that the department responded saying they can’t confirm arrest details until after staff return from their Labor Day vacation.


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There’s no honor amongst thieves.

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