Say What Now? Video Shows Cop Body-Slamming Black 14-Year-Old Allegedly Stealing Candy Bar

A Georgia police officer has been accused of using excessive force on a teen who allegedly stole a chocolate bar after a video of him body-slamming the teen surfaced online.

via Complex:

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office claims officers believed they were responding to what appeared to be a fight; however, they quickly determined that the bustling crowd was stealing snacks from the vending machine. 

Glenn, who was given a three-day school suspension, told WGCL that the incident resulted in rib and knee injuries. He and two other students are now facing multiple charges, including theft and disorderly conduct. 

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed one of the accused deputies has been reassigned pending the results of the investigation.

We’re relieved the kid is alive — and that’s a problem.

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