Say What Now? Teens Under Investigation After 'Black People are Trash' Snapchat Video Goes Viral |

Say What Now? Teens Under Investigation After ‘Black People are Trash’ Snapchat Video Goes Viral

A California high school student is under investigation by her school district after a racist video she recorded on Snapchat went viral on social media.

In the video, she recorded herself saying all sorts of racist foolishness.

“Black people are trash; they need to die,” she says in the video. As the girl speaks, she turns the camera to her friend, who pretends to be shocked before giggling in agreement.

The girl continues her racist rant:

“When the police were killing all those black people I was so happy, because I was like ‘Fuck black people, go die bitches.’”

According to CBS 13 Sacramento, her entire community is demanding an apology.


“If it was a joke, it wasn’t a funny joke at all,” said Camryn Tomlin. She couldn’t believe her ears when she saw the video on Twitter a few days ago.

Tomlin just graduated from Pleasant Grove High along with her cousin Breann Bray.

“It’s not right; I think she should be suspended if not even more,” Bray said.

“It’s as hateful as it gets, the type of words and the phrases she uses are despicable,” said Alin Cintean, a Sacramento attorney.

But Cintean says no crime has been committed.

“There’s nothing in there that would constitute a crime, there’s no immediate incitement to violence,” Cintean added.

Cintean says the U.S. Supreme Court gives public high schools more leeway to discipline students if the school believes their words are a threat.

The Elk Grove Unified School District sent CBS 13 a statement Wednesday responding to the racist post, saying the school is working with the students in the video and their families and investigating the incident.

“The school district needs to step up and do its part, they need to educate,” said Sharie Thompson, a member of the Black community.

The post wasn’t a surprise for Thompson, who has recently received threats at her Elk Grove salon.

She says the district needs to adopt new policies around racism, starting with the girl whose video whipped up a Twitter firestorm.

“Shame on you,” Thompson said, referring to the girl and her family.

Since the girl is a minor, news outlets aren’t reporting her name.

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